Burying the Pain

He sat on a chair in the darkened corner, his gaze locked upon the bed in the middle of the room that had been designated as the Guild Master’s.  While Meliandra hadn’t been here in months, he recently spent most of his nights in the very chair he sat upon now, a bottle of mead in his hand, wishing he could turn back the hands of time, back to the time when the Breton looked at him with adoration rather the strained look he had seen in her eyes the last time they had met his.  He knew something had changed between them forever when she had walked in on him and Vex, but he had not realized just what had changed and why.  But now, after the unexpected visit he had been paid, now he started to realize the depth of her pain and that drove him to hide his pain in the bottle for he knew no other way to numb the ache in the pit of his very being…..


Author: AisleenHaus

Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

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