Another Chapter Begins

She stood hunched over the map of dragon burial mounds, studying them.  Every so often she’d pick up a book and flip through the pages, looking for an answer.  The tablet she had paid Farengar to get for her was helping but she felt like she was missing something.  What she would do to have that crazy old man here with her to help her decipher all the signs.

She heard a commotion upstairs; checking to ensure that her dagger was in the folds of her dress, she headed upstairs closing the false back panel then the wardrobe door, she made sure nothing was amiss before opening the door of her room.  A pair of traveling Imperials were speaking hurriedly about a dragon attack outside of Whiterun, but it was what they said about what happened after the dragon was slain that had caught her attention.  As they described the sight of the dragon’s soul being absorbed by an unknown warrior she realized that this was the reason that she had heard the Greybeards some days ago.

A thought occurred to her and she smiled.  She had a little adventure to begin.


Author: AisleenHaus

Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

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