Winds of Change

Mercer saw Meliandra walking with Rune in the market and frowned; he didn’t want anyone interfering with his plans for the young Breton, especially Brynjolf. He caught Rune’s eye and motioned for him to leave, then he approached Meliandra, a smile upon his lips. “I see the courier found you alright?”

She nodded. “Yes. Maven’s asked for me?”

“Specifically, yes. Here’s your chance to get some good paying jobs; Maven’s been known to treat those who do right by her a lot better. As long as you don’t fuck it up.” He smiled at her. “But we don’t have to worry about that with you.”

“So where am I supposed to meet her?”

He nodded toward the Bee & Barb. “She’s in there right now, I spoke with her just a little while ago reassuring her that you’re the right person for anything she needs done.”

“And what exactly am I going to be doing for her?”

He shrugged. “Don’t know. That’s between you and her. And it’s best kept like that.” He glanced around. “Come talk to me after you’ve spoken with Maven.”

She nodded. “Have you seen Brynjolf this morning?”

He raised his eyebrow and responded, “I think I saw him sleeping in the private room.” He cleared his throat. “Don’t keep Maven waiting.” And with that he turned and walked away.


Meliandra watched the Guild Master walk away, noticing the swagger with which he walked, and not for the first time. She found herself once again thinking back to hearing him with Haelga and seeing him half naked; she felt the strings of desire within her. She shook her head and hurried into the inn.

She found Maven upstairs at the table where Brynjolf had approached her for the first time. She pushed the thought of her lover from her mind; she didn’t want to have anything distracting her from her job. The woman was imposing with her stern looks and her hawkish nose. As Meliandra approached she saw the woman who held so much power in this city sizing her up; she felt her hands get clammy and her heartbeat accelerated. This woman could make her life miserable or enjoyable, all she had to do is do the job right. She felt the lump in her throat as she introduced herself to the woman.

“So, you’re the one,” came her monotone voice. “Hmmmm. You don’t look so impressive.”

Meliandra raised her eyebrow and bit back her first response. “how about we just skip the conversation and get to the job at hand?”

This time it was Maven’s turn to raise her eyebrow. “You’re a firebrand, aren’t you?” A slight look of appreciation touched her eyes as she said, “It’s about time Mercer sent me someone with some business sense. I was beginning to think he was running some sort of beggar’s guild over there.”

“You don’t have faith in the Guild?”

She laughed, a false, hollow laugh. “Faith?” She narrowed her eyes. “I don’t have faith in anyone.” She sat back and crossed her arms. “All I care about is cause and effect. Did the job get done and was it done correctly. There is no grey area.”

“You won’t have that problem with me.”

“I should hope not. This is an important job. I have a competitor called Honningbrew Meadery that I want to put out of business. I also want to know how they managed to get the place up and running so quickly.” She motioned for Meliandra to lean closer and lowered her voice. “Go to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun and look for Mallus Maccius. He’ll fill you in on all the details.”

“Can you tell me anything about Honningbrew’s owner?”

“Some layabout named Sabjorn.” She snarled. “Been a thorn in my side for the last few years now.”

“So, this is more than just ‘friendly competition I take it?”

“Not a day goes by that I don’t regret letting Sabjorn get as far as he did. In only a few short years, he’s taken that bile he calls mead to market and a chunk of my profits with it! I can’t imagine where he found the gold to take it to market so quickly.” She looked past Meliandra to insure they were alone then continued, “With Sabjorn in prison, his meadery will be forced to close. Then I swoop in and take over the place.” She shrugged. “No more competition.” Maven turned a hard gaze upon her. “One more time, in case I wasn’t clear, my dear. You butcher this job and you’ll be sorry.”

“Why are you doing this now?”

The woman smiled. “The Goldenglow Estate job has undoubtedly interrupted the supply of honey I need to make my mead. Sabjorn could use this interruption to his advantage and collect a larger share of the market. I can’t have that.”

Meliandra nodded and took her leave. She hadn’t planned on returning to Whiterun so soon. She didn’t wish to run into either Idolaf or Saadia, not yet. She found herself awash in guilt no matter how she looked at it. And no matter how much she tried not to think about it, her mind seemed to wander right back to her feelings for this older redheaded Nord.

She made her way to the Ragged Flagon to see Delvin before she made her way to find Mercer. She seared a skeever who jumped out at her and kicked its smoking body to the side. She sighed before opening the door to the tavern below the city and stepped through. She saw Tonila sitting in her usual place and spotted Delvin at the bar. Once again, she didn’t see Vex in her usual place; she was slightly relieved. She sat next to Delvin, putting a smile on her face in hopes of disguising the pain in her voice. “Whiterun’s done.”

“See? I told you, nice and easy.”

“Any easier than that and I’d be able to do it in my sleep.”

“Ready for something else then?”

She shook her head. “No, got a job I have a job to take care of for Maven.” She put some coin on the bar and grabbed a bottle of mead. “But first I’ve got to check in with Mercer.” She stood up and headed to the cistern entrance. She didn’t notice the looks on Delvin’s or Vekel’s faces or how they looked at each other.


The blonde perched herself above his hardness, an impetuous look in her blue green eyes. It had been a long time since he had felt Vex around his member; he remembered how he had enjoyed sex with her, he remembered how she would tire him out. His firm hands held her small waist as she leaned toward him, her hands on either side of him, kissing him deeply. She tasted just how he remembered her, the honey of Black Briar Mead upon her lips and Argonian Blood Wine on her tongue. She slammed herself down, filling herself with his thickness. She held his eyes as she slid up and down upon him, slowly building up speed. He moaned in pleasure as she built herself up to her climax, his eyes taking in her slender frame, her full round breast, the glow that her skin took as the sweat glistened on her fair skin. He smiled as her body spasmed atop of him as she orgasmed. He held her as she calmed her breathing then whispered in her ear, “My turn lass.”

Her eyes snapped open as she started to protest.

Brynjolf flipped her over as he got behind her. He ran his hands over her supple ass, remembering how they jiggled just ever so much as he would shove his cock into her. “You wanted a fuck, you’re getting a fucking.” He slapped her ass, hard, just the way she liked it. She was on her knees in a moment’s time, his hands sliding over her ass cheeks. His hardness rested against the crack of her ass, ready to slip into her wetness. “You’ve been a bad girl, Vex.” His hand struck her rear again, harder this time; she clenched the fur beneath her. “You need-“ he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back “-a good punishing.”

“Then punish me,” she said huskily, lust dripping off her tongue.

He gripped her hips and slammed his cock deep into her, causing Vex to cry out in pleasure. She began to rock back and forth in time to this thrusts; he closed his eyes as he began to lose himself in the moment. Sex with Vex was thrilling just as he remembered it; it felt good, that he wouldn’t deny and it was satisfying enough, but something seemed lacking. His need for climax was becoming very demanding; he chased the release with invigorated fervor.

As he climaxed he heard the shattering of glass. As his eyes snapped open he heard, “What the fuck?!” only to see Meliandra in the doorway, a broken bottle by her feet. She met his eyes; her eyes blazed heatedly at him. He watched, frozen, as she turned and ran out of the room.


Mercer heard the heavy block of the graveyard entrance to the cistern slide into place followed by quickened steps as Meliandra emerged from below, her eyes brimmed with tears, her face enraged. “What’s wrong?” he demanded. She shook her head and went to walk past him. He grabbed her arm, stating firmly, “Meliandra, what is wrong?”

She turned to him, an angry glare to her eyes. “I need to get out of here. I’m just going to head out on that job-“

“The hell you are,” he interrupted. “In the state you’re in you’re likely to fuck up the job and we can’t afford that right now.” Still holding her arm, he turned and led her out of the graveyard. “Come on, I’ve got somewhere you can calm down in peace.”

She pulled her arm back but followed him saying, “Fine, but I don’t think I’m going to calm down any time soon.”

Mercer grunted and continued on, stopping at a locked gate; he pulled out a key and unlocked it. He waved to a man atop the second level and he lowered the ramp to the top level’s door. The Guild master looked to the Breton; he saw the tear that had escaped the confines of her eyelids and was trickling down her cheek. Taking his thumb, he wiped the tear away and said, “Come on, let’s get you inside.”

He led her through the hallways until they came to a bedroom. He unlocked the door and held it open for her, then, after shutting the door again, followed her into the room. He motioned toward a chair, indicating she should sit, walked to a wardrobe closet and took out a bottle of brandy. “So,” he said, walking back toward her, grabbing a pair of goblets on his way, “you want to tell me what has my prize thief in such turmoil?”

She took the offered goblet, swirled the liquid around and then took a long swallow. “He’s fucking her. I saw it with my own two eyes. How could I be such the fool?” She swallowed the rest of her drink. “Why would he be serious about me? I’m just a kid.”

“First of all,” he said as he took her goblet and began to refill it, “you’re not a fool. And secondly,” he continued as he returned her drink to her, “whose fucking who?”

She glared at him icily. “Brynjolf and Vex.”

“Are those two screwing around again?” he grumbled. He looked at her and frowned. “I’m sorry, Meliandra. I thought those two had decided a long time ago that they were going to keep things professional between them.” He shook his head as he pulled up a chair and sat next to her. He lifted her chin with his forefinger, looking her in her eyes. “He’s the fool for doing this to you.” She tried to turn her face away; he tightened his hold. “You deserve better than that.” He stood up again, moved his chair behind her, then sat back down. He moved her hair aside and began rubbing her shoulders and neck. “Just because we’re thieves doesn’t mean that we’re dogs. Thankfully not all of us forget that.”

“Oh, come on, Mercer,” she said, “I’ve heard the guys down there. Vekel’s completely in love with Tonila and everyone else has their one night stands, even you.”

“Haelga is purely business,” he said gently as he leaned closer to her. “she doesn’t go to the jarl with information on us and we don’t announce that she’s a prostitute. I’ve paid for her services on occasion.” He paused then continued, “We all have our needs and not all of us are a lady’s man.” He placed a light kiss on her neck, his hands moving down her arms. He felt her slow intake of breath, her head slightly tilted and he continued kissing her neck. “Some of us know how to appreciate what we have,” he murmured against her skin. At her nod of agreement, he turned her to face him, he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her full on the mouth.

He found no hesitation with her as he ran his hands along the back of her dress, loosening the ties and drawing it above her head. His eyes took in the sight of her nakedness and he felt his desire stir. Her body was perfect, the perkiness of her young breasts, the flatness of her stomach, the toning of her muscles – everything was exactly how he had expected it to be. He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. Her hands found their way up into his hair as she returned the kiss with matched fervor; he could taste her own desire. He reached down and picked her up, carrying her to the bed; she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him shamelessly as he laid her atop the furs.

Meliandra’s fingers found their way to the belts on his armor and expertly undid them, her eyes never leaving his. Once she had loosed him of his clothing, she laid kisses upon his chest and stomach while stroking his member. He laid her back upon the bed, positioning her between his legs. Looking upon her beneath him he laid claim to her, her womanhood wrapping itself around his manhood as he sought to bring her to climax as he achieved his own. He discovered she had curled her legs around his waist giving him deeper access; she was feeling wetter than she had been just a moment before.

“Fuck me, harder, Mercer, harder!” she cried out.

He began to thrust harder, slamming into her making her moan loudly in pleasure accentuated by cries of ecstasy. Suddenly she cried out as her orgasm racked her body flooding the bed beneath her. He grunted as he thrust faster and harder, reaching his own climax.

He collapsed onto the bed next to her, his breath coming in ragged gasps, an arm across his chest, the other pulling Meliandra close to him, caressing her shoulder. She curled up against him, her leg thrown lazily over his and her arm around his waist. Once his breathing slowed back down to normal he planted a kiss on the top of her head murmuring,

“Only a fool would risk losing you; I’m not a fool, Meliandra. You and I, together we can become rich beyond our wildest dreams.” She chuckled in agreement, and they began talking about plans and dreams. She told him about wanting a farm and an alchemy lab, away from everything. He smiled at her thinking of her young dreams and how he had at one time had similar dreams, before reality set in.

He got up from the bed and walked over to the shuttered window and, opening the wooden boards, looked at the city below. He kept the sneer from his face as he watched the townspeople mill around, oblivious to the events that unfolded around them. He wanted out of this town, he just had a few more things to work out and then he’d be leaving this miserable cesspool of a town. He saw Brynjolf in the market below searching through the crowd and talking to a couple of the townspeople. Mercer looked at Meliandra, sleeping naked on the bed and smiled; he loved when things went according to plan.


Author: AisleenHaus

Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

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