Proving Time

She arched her back, her orgasm racking her body as she bit her lip to keep silent; Brynjolf told her she couldn’t wake up any of the others and if she did he would punish her.  He would punish her by sexually arousing her but forbidding her any form of release until he decided differently.  He enjoyed this game with her; it was one that she was very adept at.  She did as he asked of her, no questions asked and no hesitation and completely willingly.  She gave him absolute control in their sex-play, pleasuring him in every way he asked.  She indeed was very skilled in the Dibellian arts, bringing him to levels of ecstasy he had never imagined possible.

He sat up, wrapping the smaller woman in his broad arms.  She moaned softly as his lips left feathery kisses upon her neck.  He then flipped her over he was atop of her, a glint in his eyes as he smiled down upon this raven-haired beauty.  “We’re not done yet, lass.”

He thrust inside of her, deep and hard, eliciting pleasured whimpers from her lips.  He watched as he breasts bounced with each thrust, he watched as her long slender hands reached up to his bare chest then as they dug into his skin leaving red welts as she ran them down to his waist.  The effect this had on him was immediate as he took her legs and propped them on his shoulders and thrust hard and deep within her.

His climax came fast and hard, his seed pumping into her and then spilling out as he flooded her.  His body quivered as his orgasm subsided and he laid next to her, his arms spread out across the bed.  She laid her head upon his chest and he leaned forward to kiss the top of it.  “Now that’s what I call a proper good morning.”

She played with a few of the hairs on his chest as she murmured her agreement.  “Brynjolf,” she cooed, “when are you going to give me a real job instead of sending me to Delvin or Vex?”

“I think I heard Vekel saying he needed someone to get some books for a client. How about asking him?”

“Are you serious?” she replied hotly, sitting up and glaring at him.  “Don’t you even realize when I’m out doing a job?”  At his confused look, she continued, “I just got back yesterday from getting those books for him!”  A look of understanding came across his face.  “Shit, I’d really like something other than fixing books or picking pockets.  Give me something bigger.”

He sighed.  “Alright.  Let me talk with Mercer.  Come see me this afternoon.  Why not just hang out in the Flagon today?  Get some training in with one of the guys?”

She climbed out of the bed and proceeded to get dressed.  “Fine.  But I’m serious, I want a job with some substance to it.  I’m better than these light weight jobs.”

He watched as she dressed then leave.  He shook his head as he dressed and thought about his young lover.  He knew she had skill, she had proven it time and time again.  She had quickly proven her worth amongst the members of the Guild and had worked side by side a couple of them on a few jobs.  She was smart and he had discovered that she was an accomplished enchanter, alchemist and mage, using those skills to aid her in her jobs.

Making up his mind he went and sought out Mercer.  He spotted him sitting at his desk in the cistern, brooding.  He approached the Guild Master hesitantly.  The older man glanced at his second in command then motioned to him to come over.  Once Brynjolf stood in front of the desk he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Aringoth hired mercenaries.”

Brynjolf’s eyebrows raised at this statement.  “Mercenaries?  Aringoth?  What is that elf thinking?”  He shook his head then asked, “What did Vex find out?”

“That’s the thing,” the dark-haired man growled.  “She didn’t get in.”

Brynjolf looked credulous.  “She didn’t get in?”  After a moment’s pause he continued, “There’s hardly anything our little Vex can’t get into.  What is our next move, then?  You know Maven won’t –“

Mercer interrupted, firmly saying, “That new girl you’ve been screwing, she’s got a knack for this kind of thing, doesn’t she?” He sat forward and steepled his fingers in front of him.

Brynjolf nodded.  “Aye.  She’s got enchanted jewelry and clothing that muffles her steps and aids her lock picking.  She also has a good supply of invisibility potions.”

“Think she can handle this?”

He nodded.  “She’s perfect for it.  And she has been asking for something else besides what Delvin & Vex have been handing her.”

“Then I want her for it.  Bring her to me.”

Brynjolf nodded as he turned to had into the Flagon.  He couldn’t place his finger on what caused it but he suddenly felt a wave of anxiety pass through him that set him on edge for the rest of the day.


Meliandra drained the last of her mead from the bottle and set it down on the bar.  “Dammit, Vekel, why won’t he give me one of the big jobs?  What more do I need to do to prove myself?”  She placed some more coins on the counter and inquired, “Anything stronger back there?”

“I got a shipment of Argonian Bloodwine in.”

“Give me a bottle of that.”

Vekel laughed at her.  “Give me more gold then.”

She stared at him, a glint in her eye and a hint of a smile on her lips and pulled out her coin purse again and starting counting.  Vekel slid the bottle across the counter to her when she had pulled out enough gold to satisfy him, a smile gracing his own lips.  She popped the cork on the bottle and took a large swallow.  The bit e of the alcohol slid down her throat like knives ripping through her flesh.  But it was Brynjolf’s voice behind her that caused her to nearly choke on her drink.

“Get drunk later, Meli.  Mercer wants to see you and I suggest we don’t keep him waiting.”

She raised her eyebrow while looking at the bartender who tilted his head and smiled at her.  She capped the bottle and slid it back to Vekel. “Hold that for me, would you, please?”

“I’ll sell it if it stays too long.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Vekel.”  She turned to look at Brynjolf, a smile on her lips.  “Got a job for me?”

He frowned and her smile froze.  “Let Mercer tell you.”

She followed him to the cistern in silence, two steps behind him.  They walked over to the desk where Mercer stood looking over papers.  She had seen him from afar but had never been introduced to him.  Now as she stood before him she was intrigued by what she saw.  He had piercing steel blue eyes set in a hard look as he looked her up and down.  He had strong, very defined features that accentuated the sharpness of his face.  His eyes lingered on her for a moment then he looked at his second in command.

“Mercer, Meliandra.  Meliandra, Mercer Frey,” came the introduction from Brynjolf.

“Thank you, Brynjolf,” responded Mercer as he kept his attention on the young Breton.  “I’d like to speak to Meliandra alone.”

Brynjolf looked at Mercer for a moment then at Meliandra.  “Come see me when you’re done here.”  He walked out of the cistern using the graveyard exit.

“So, you’re the newest recruit.  I keep hearing good things about you.  It’s time I see how good you really are.” He looked her up and down once more, then continued, “Now before we continue, I want to make one thing perfectly clear.  If you play by the rules, you walk away rich.  You break the rules you lose your share.  No debates, no discussions… you do what we say, when we say.”  He met her eyes.  “Do I make myself clear?”

She smiled at him but keep her face serious.  He was straight and to the point and he had a commanding presence about him that demanded her immediate and absolute obedience to him.  “Yes, Mercer.  I understand completely.”

“Good.  Now let’s put your talents to the test.  You know what Goldenglow is I’m assuming?”

“Yes, it’s the bee farm outside of Riften on the lake.”

“Right.”  He sat on the edge of the desk.  “It is also critically important to one of our largest clients.  However, the owner, Aringoth, has suddenly decided to take matters into his own hands and shut us out.  He needs to be taught a lesson.  What we need to do is to burn down three of the estate’s hives and clear out the safe in the main house.  Don’t burn down the whole property either.  Our important client would be furious if you did and the last thing we want to be doing is crossing our clients.”

“And what about this Aringoth guy?”

“Maven prefers that Aringoth remain alive, but if he tries to stop you from getting the job done, kill him.  The Guild has a lot riding on this.  Don’t make me look foolish by fucking it up.”

She nodded.  “So, what’s the best way to get in?”

“That, my dear,” he said as he smirked at her, “is something you’re going to have to figure out on your own.  Talk to Vex.  She’s already attempted to get in.  Oh, and talk to Tonila and get some proper attire for a member of the Thieves Guild.”

She nodded again.  “Yes, sir.”

“I have a feeling you’re going to be exactly what we need around her, Meliandra.”  Mercer smiled at her as she turned to head back into the Flagon to talk to Vex.  Of all the members of the Guild it was Vex she felt had not welcomed her.  She could still remember the first thing Vex had ever spoken to her.

Vex had been sitting at the bar in the Flagon eating roasted pheasant and baked potatoes while chasing it down with a bottle of Honningbrew Mead.  The blond looked at her from the corner of her eye and said in an icy voice,” I’m going to make this perfectly clear.  One, I’m the best infiltrator this rathole of a Guild’s got, so if you think you’re here to replace me, you’re dead wrong.  And two, you follow my lead and do exactly as I say… no questions, no excuses.  Do we understand each other?”

Meliandra tried to avoid Vex as much as she could but when Delvin had no jobs for her she had no choice but to wait for one or get a job from her.  She found it infuriating that Brynjolf found it funny.

She found Vex sitting at a table talking with Delvin.  When Vex saw her a slight frown touched her lips.  Meliandra found herself inwardly groaning as she remembered that first conversation with her.

“Spit it out,” Vex snapped when Meliandra stood before her.  “Time is money and you’re not making any standing here.”

“Mercer told me to talk to you about Goldenglow.”

“Goldenglow?  He’s sending you into Goldenglow?”  She chuckled.  “Alright, let’s see how good you really are.”  She looked at Delvin who excused himself then motioned for her to sit down in the now empty chair.  “That wood elf’s wit… he’s a lot smarter than I expected.  Can you believe that fetcher had more than tripled the guard?  There had to be at least eight of them in there.  I sear, it was like he was daring us to come and get him.”

“How do you suggest I get in?”

“Well, on the northwest side of the island there’s an old sewer tunnel that dumps into the lake.  It’s probably still unguarded like it was when I used it to get in.”

“Any advice?”

Vex smiled, her blue eyes shimmering.  “Try to stay in one piece.”

Meliandra watched as Vex stood up and walked to the bar.  She mumbled “Thanks,” as she herself stood and walked out of the Flagon to find Brynjolf.


Brynjolf stood on the docks looking out toward Goldenglow.  From the scent on the breeze he knew rain was coming and from the look of the sky he knew the thunder would follow.  He heard the creak of the wood behind him and glanced over his shoulder to see Meliandra.  He had indeed been right in recruiting her, she had proven to be a valuable asset to the Guild in the couple months she had been with them, bringing in more goods than the others had but things were still in a bad way.  He knew that if anyone could pull off this job his little vixen could, but he was still uneasy about the whole job; something about it just smelled like a three-day dead skeever.  He tried to shake the feeling as he spoke to Meliandra next to him.

“Is this job more to your liking, lass?”

She nodded.  “Yes.  Thanks for suggesting me.”

“I didn’t,” he answered stiffly.  “Mercer asked for you specifically.  Word has gotten around and he wants to see how good you are.”

She looked at him, an eyebrow cocked ever so slightly.  “Really?  Then I will do everything I can to not disappoint,” she said in a sarcastic tone.

“What’s that for, Meli?”

“Seems I’m proving my skills to not just Mercer but to Vex as well.”

He pulled her close to him, a smile on his lips.  “Don’t worry about Vex, she always gets like this when she thinks someone is going to replace her.”


He turned her around so he could look at her.  When she refused to meet his eyes, he took ahold of her chin and turned her fact to him “Don’t worry about Vex.  It’ll take care of her, I always do.”  He laid a gentle kiss on her forehead.  “How do you feel about this job?  Are you prepared?”

She laid her hands on his chest, fiddling with the stitching on his Thieves Guild armor.  “I’m going to assume that means do I have enough potions for the job and yes, I made an ample amount of them yesterday.”

“What about health potions?”

“Do you not trust me restoration skills?”  she chuckled.  “Why the sudden concern, Brynjolf?”

He shook his head saying, “Just a strange feeling, that’s all, lass.”  He kissed her forehead again.  “When will you be heading out?”

“Just before nightfall.  I’m going to go get some sleep so I’m rested.”

He nodded, drew her into a tight embrace, kissed her and said softly, “You watch yourself on that island, lass.  Those mercenaries don’t take prisoners.”


Author: AisleenHaus

Leaving the real world for one of my own making.

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